Extremities, Module V | The Sanrocco Method by Piet Seru, D.C.
Evaluation, adjusting, muscle testing,common problems, tricks, IRT, Interlink etc. BRAUNSCHWEIG. September, 07th – 09th 2018
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Dr. Carlo Rinaudo (Chiropractor - Neuro-Rehabilitation): Managing the Dizzines Patient | Roma, 22th-23th of September 2018
Managing the Dizzines Patient. A vestibular Neurorehabilitation approach. Dr. Carlo Rinaudo.
Early Bird 24th August.

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Dr. Chris Astill-Smith, D.O., D.I.B.A.K: Applied Kinesiology Seminar, Autoimmmune Diseases| Milan Malpensa, September 29-30th 2018
Identify Autoimmune diseases, what they are and get familiar with their nutritional management.
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Dr. Michael D. Allen, D.C., D.I.B.A.K., D.A.B.C.N, F.A.C.F.N.: Applied Kinesiology Seminar | Milan Malpensa, October 27-28th 2018
Receptor Based Solutions (TM) in Clinical Practice – Functional Neurology Every Doctor Should Know, Module V-VI – Ad to come.
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Chiropractic Assistant Academy
Programma di videoconferenze e consulenze per tutto lo staff chiropratico
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