Posture is the shadow of emotions | Dr. Alfio Caronti

Childhood Developmental Learning Disabilities and Behavioral Disorders Certification Course:

Life Roma Seminar 2016. A novembre, presso il Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi.

Seminario First Visit, dr. Piet Seru. Seconda parte. Rimini, 11-12 giugno 2016.

Seminario First Visit, dr. Piet Seru. Prima parte. Milano, 12-13 Marzo 2016.

20-21 Novembre 2015. LIFE Roma Seminar is a two-day collaboration of Life University and the Association of Italian Chiropractors to effectively and efficiently deliver the message of Contemporary Chiropractic and impact the world we live in.

Dr. Robert Melillo in Bologna, 18th-19- April with Developmental, Milestones, Primitive Reflexes, Hemispheric Integration and Their Relationship to Neurobehavioral and Learning disorders.

Dr. Lindsay Rowe in Milan, April 5th-6th 2014 whit Chiropractic Diagnostic Imaging - The ultimate program.

Dr. John Donofrio in Rome, October, 4th-5th 2014, with The Vital Brain Functional Neurology.

Dr. Marc Pick in Rome, October, 5th, 6th 2013, Rome, with SOT Category Protocol

Dr. Stephen P. Williams in Bologna, 6th-7th, April 2013 with Treatment of the infant cranium and management of gastro-intestinal disorders, including reflux and colics.