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[frame align=”left”]WEB MARKETING – one day seminar [/frame]Rome, Saturday September 29th 2012
NH Giustiniano
Via Virgilio, 1
00193 ROME
Tel. 06 68281611

What every chiropractor should know about attracting more new patients

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WEB MARKETING – one day seminar


[frame align=”right”]WEB MARKETING – one day seminar

[/frame]Dr Matthew Bennett DC speaks about online marketing from a practical perspective. He has used these techniques to build his own practice and to get to number 1 on Google. He has over 20 years experience in chiropractic PR and marketing and ran the British Chiropractic Association marketing campaigns. He now speaks about online marketing to chiropractors as well as running a busy clinic in the UK. He has worked with top online marketing and PR companies to build an ethical online presence that attracts new patients and keeps existing ones. His relaxed style, simple advice and practical examples as well as long career in chiropractic have helped him become a leader in online marketing for chiropractors.