Join Dr. Robert Melillo of IAFNR for an educational course surrounding the newest functional neurology initiatives in CHILDHOOD  NEUROBEHAVORIAL DISORDERS coming to Italy this summer.

  • Includes a heavy emphasis on functional medicine.
  • Discussion expands to how childhood developmental issues are directly related to most of your adult patient population.
  • Hear first hand from a practicing clinician for 25 years, a university professor, brain researcher, best selling author, radio and TV host about life and business practices that will help you get explosive growth and success in your business, health, wealth and relationships!
  • Learn how you too can become a best selling author and how to write research.

This course is about helping you become successful not only in a pediatric practice, but it is also about creating success in every aspect of your life. It expands beyond anything you have been taught in the past. There has never before been a course like this, and it will be life changing. Visit and click on courses for more information. Early registration packages end soon.

“Taking Dr Melillo’s course changed my entire practice and the focus of my professional life. I found a new passion and have developed a great understanding of treating children with these disorders and I cannot recommend it highly enough” L.P.

“The detail in which Dr Melillo’s course went into was phenomenal. The information was presented in a such a clear and detailed way that it was easy to understand and able to answer so many questions. The information I learned completely changed the path of my practice and opened it up to a whole new patient base with has more than doubled my income.” B.V.

“After taking the Neurobehavioral in Childhood Disorders Course, I feel so comfortable and excited to grow this part of my practice. Information was also given that I used in other parts of my practice that have allowed me to truly change the way that I treat patients and the symptoms I am comfortable treating. I am grateful to Dr Melillo for the huge way he has impacted the rest of my life with this course.” M.M.

“A MUST course for professional to take who wants to treat children or adolescents. Cannot describe the immense knowledge I have gained through it.” P.S.

“After practicing for 10+ years and taking dozens of courses, this information was truly something new that I can utilize everyday even with many adult patients. I found it very helpful and truly can take my treatment of patients to the next level.” J.G.

“Dr. Melillo’s course allowed me to have a whole new understanding of treating patients. It gives such a new approach to treatment of adults and children and gave me a new perspective on the diagnosis of all patients. The immunology and nutrition information was new and detailed and also applicable to all of my patients to use.” B.B.

“This course provided me with a new direction for my entire practice. The information I learned was nothing I had ever heard before. Treating patients with these skills has really re-routed my plans and opened myself up to many new opportunities that I am excited to embark on.” O.G.

“I highly recommend Dr. Melillo’s course to any professional or practitioner who wishes to have a successful practice. If you follow these skills and practical WILL be successful and rewarded greatly.” S.P

“The feelings I get after helping children are so amazing. I would not have had these skills or abilities without taking the course. Thank you Dr Melillo for changing my life and allowing me to change so many others.” R.M.