Posture is the shadow of emotions | Dr. Alfio Caronti

25-26 marzo 2017

With simple tests we will be able to map the multisensorial traumatic experiences that are conditioning our movements and posture. After that we will learn to reproduce the traumatic conditional reflex through a multisensorial experience, but this time create a favorable outcome. After this emotional experience movements will be free of any conditioning and a more open posture will follow.
What will be presented is a technique that can and should be integrated in to our Chiropractic procedure to improve movement strategy and posture. The muscle testing required is simple and easy to perform.

Through a new experience, we can improve our lives.

Documented (researched) Case histories will be presented where movements and posture are accurately analysed with the appropriate instruments.
The seminar will be theoretical and practical in the respect of Chiropractic Philosophy, because:
“Too much or too little nervous stimulus is the cause of pathology” B.J. Palmer

Incorrect movements are 1. conditional reflexes created to protect ourselves from the fear of falling, 2. unfamiliar movements, and 3. Motor conditioning caused by physical and non physical trauma that remains in our memory bank . We need to map the movement in all it’s complex multisensoriality. Sensory systems modulate our posture and movements. Touch, vision, sound, and chinesthetic memories will be activated to see the motor outcome.
We will then, during the multisensorial stimulus, reset the motor programmes that are conditioning our lives and recreating subluxations, that will not hold with manual adjusting.

CPD Credits: 12
Organized in collaboration with CICS – Italian Chiropractic Sports Committee